PERSILAT (or the International Association of Pencak Silat), which was established in Jakarta on March 11, 1980, is the only international Pencak Silat organization in the world.

The Founding Fathers of PERSILAT, namely those who are directly involved in the activities of initiating, initiating, thinking, discussing and realizing matters relating to the establishment of PERSILAT, consist of 13 prominent figures from Indonesia (IPSI), Singapore (PERSISI) and Malaysia (Ministry of Culture, Youth and Culture).

PERSILAT is managed collectively by a Presidium consisting of 69 members. Eddie M. Nalapraya was appointed as Chairperson of the Presidium. The task of the Presidium is to organize a PERSILAT Congress. The first congress was held by the Presidium in 1983 in Kuala Lumpur

PERSILAT principle is brotherhood, kinship, unity and respect for one another and does not discriminate between nationality and religion. PERSILAT is a non-political organization.

The purpose of PERSILAT is :

  1. Digging, maintaining, preserving, developing and promoting Pencak Silat and its values throughout the world, as a valuable cultural heritage of the archipelago, which has mental-spiritual,  martial arts, and sports aspect as the whole.

  2. Fostering, developing, uniting and harmonizing various activities among Pencak Silat organizations in various countries.

  3. Making Pencak Silat as a means to foster a whole person who is devoted to God Almighty, noble character, warrior spirit, honest and fair and humble and responsible in realizing brotherhood, kinship, harmony, unity and friendship among nations and peace a dynamic, just, civilized and eternal world.

  4. Maintain and respect the interests of each member of PERSILAT.

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